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Himitsu no Kichi: 1x2

Secret Obsessions 2: Nightfall

Tanabe dreams of a romantic summer by the beach. As it happens though, Tanabe cannot swim. While trying to learn with the help of his beautiful instructor, he ends up taking things too far and drowns. Luckily, she links her lips to his in order to resuscitate him, bringing the two ever closer. The Japanese Confectionery, named Tamano-dou, has been owned by Juuzou’s ancestors for generations. But because of Juuzou’s scary face, his business has not been going well. However, after Tae and Erena joined his staff to avoid starvation, business has improved. As thanks for saving their lives, the two aim to repay this hunk of a man in their own special way.

Feb. 09, 2022